Key Benefits

Modernize your Mainframe

The secure, component-based platform provides the flexibility and scalability you need for a complete enterprise solution. FastSSR will enable you to fully leverage your mainframe to drive key modernization initiatives in your overall IT strategy.

Expedite File Transfers

Existing terminal emulator-based file transfers are based on slow, outdated IND$FILE technology. FastSSR implements secure TCPIP transfers to move data up to 156 times faster.

Minimize Learning Curve

Benefit from FastSSR without additional hardware implementation. It can run standalone or seamlessly integrate with your current terminal emulator software, lessening the learning curve for your users.

FastSSR Features

·         Fast, secure TCP/IP transfers over TLS.

·         Transfer text and binary data.

·         Supports built-in and custom code pages.

·         Supports built-in and custom translation tables.

·         Can transfer multiple types of output.

·         Support emulator-based IND$FILE transfers.

·         Can browse mainframe data sets.

·         Can create multi-transfer batch jobs.

·         Powerful scripting engine for transfer automation.

·         Easy to install, small footprint mainframe job.

Big Features, Small Footprint

The FastSSR solution is fast, secure, flexible, scalable, managed and very affordable – all without any additional
hardware to implement. The FastSSR platform consists of four (4) main components. This component-based,
security platform gives you the flexibility and scalability you require for a complete enterprise solution!