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Current Releases

Current releases are supported under z/OS version 1.12, 1.13, and 2.1.

If  you have VIRTUAL 31 (IHAPCCA) in DIAGXX (now the default in z/OS 1.12 and 1.13) you should verify the fix for PCCA is installed. Please email if you require the fix.

If you have any problems, please email support @ or call us at 215-297-9441.

TSO Edit Utilities™

Product Code: 1000
Current Release: 6.1


Product Code: 1100
Current Release: 6.2A

TSO Superset Utilities™

Product Code: 1500
Current Release: 6.3
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Product Code: 1700
Current Release: 2.1A


Product Code: 1800
Current Release: 5.2A
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Product Code: 2200
Current Release: 3.8B

Almost TSO™

Product Code: 2400
Current Release: 2.6C

SSR Server for TSO & VTAM™ *

Product Code: 2800
Current Release: 4.2A
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SSR Server for CICS™ **

Product Code: 2900
Current Release: 4.2
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SSR Server for CICS MVS Services™ **

Product Code: 2910
Current Release: 4.2
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Product Code: 3000
Current Release: 5.0A
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Product Code: 3010
Current Release: 5.O
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SSR Client for Windows 9x/NT

Product Code: 3250
Current Release: 5.0A

TSSR Client for Windows XP/ 2000 / Vista / 7

Product Code: 3450
Current Release: 7.01


Product Code: 3500
Current Release: 4.1A
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Turbo PDF for MVS VTAM™

Product Code: 3600
Current Release: 5.0B

* If you are running z/OS 1.9 with VSM ALLOWUSERKEY(NO), AND you are running AS3500 as a subsystem,
contact support for a test ptf.

** Compatible with IBM CICS® Transaction Server 3.2

To check if you are running AS3500 as a subsystem review SYS1.PARMLIB(IEFSSNxx) for ‘ASI1,AS3550IS’. You can also check the AS3500 startup parms for ASI.SUBSYSTEM.NAME=xxxx where xxxx is the name of the ASI subsystem. An asterisk in column one of this statement indicates you are not using this option.