Filegard® Product Overview

Filegard® Product Overview

Version 5.0 available for Beta test now! Email for pricing information or Click Here for a free 45 day trial.


  • Data Breach after Data Breach
  • 100 Million Records Compromised in One Year
  • Affects an Individual’s Privacy
  • Significant Financial Repercussions
  • Negative Publicity, Stock/Image & Helps Competition
  • Forty-eight of the 55 US States and Territories have some form of Data Breach Law

FILEGARD® Overview

  • Is IBM Mainframe-Based
  • Uses a Strong & Symmetric Encryption Algorithm (AES128)
  • Provides Centralized Protection of Keys
  • Supports Multiple File Formats
  • No Hardware Restrictions
  • No Sysgen or IPL Required
  • Is Simple to Use

FILEGARD® Structure

  • Simple Batch Process
  • Key Management Component
  • Algorithm Verification & Audit Utilities

FILEGARD® Batch Process

  • Files
  • Input, Output and Optional Key Management File
  • Encipher or Decipher
  • Sample JCL

FILEGARD® Key Management

According to the NIST recommendation, security of data protected by cryptology depends on:

  • Strength of the keys
  • Effect of protocols
  • Protection of the keys

Further, the management of the keys includes:

  • Their generation
  • Their use
  • Their eventual destruction
  • Centralized
  • Keys Automatically Generated and Encrypted
  • Keys Protected by Master Key
  • Master Key Automatically Generated and Saved as a Variant
  • Keys are Contained in a Key Sequential VSAM Dataset
  • Policy-based Management Rules Govern the Key Life Cycle (Inactive, Active, Deactivated, Destroyed and Compromised)
  • Protect with Robust Mainframe Security: RACF, ACF2 and Top Secret

FILEGARD® Utilities

  • Algorithm Utility to Verify Algorithm against Government Issued Expected Results
  • SMF Optional Recording and Reporting Utility
  • Encipher/Decipher of Files
  • Key Management Activity

Many of the z/os encryption solution competitors provide or require full featured Key Management, API’s that require programming changes, database interfaces, or hardware features.


does not require any of these in order to encrypt a file.

Cost Information

Email Ron Turner or call 215-297-9441 for pricing or Click Here for a free 45 day trial.