SSR Server for CICS™

SSR Server for CICS™

Provides file transfers to and from temporary storage and transient data queues. Can be used as a superset replacement for IBM’s unsupported IND$FILE for CICS. All existing user-written UGETFILE and UPUTFILE exits are fully supported. SSR Server for CICS is totally transparent to the end-user.

Applied Software Inc. (ASI) SSR Server™ products are full-featured file transfer applications supporting the MVS and OS/390 TSO, CICS and native VTAM platforms. SSR Server™ supports host connections using SNA and TCP/IP. Emulators supported include 3270, TN3270 and TN3270E.

Files may be transferred to and from Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP, OS/2 and virtually any platform including UNIX that supports the IND$FILE protocol. SSR Server™ can be used as a superset replacement for the unsupported IBM IND$FILE products and is totally transparent to the end-user. SSR Server™ supports both the IND$FILE protocol and the High-Speed Transfer (HST) proprietary protocol. HST transfers files at speeds up to 1+ megabytes per second to and from Windows NT.

SSR Client™ products provide a GUI and script facility to fully utilize the enhanced features of the SSR Server™ software. SSR Client™ supports the DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP (Windows 7 version in development) and WIN-OS/2 platforms. SSR Client™ is not an emulator itself, but has been designed to work seamlessly with virtually all 3270, TN3270 and TN3270E emulators.

Audit Trail

SSR Server™ and SSR HST Server for TSO & VTAM™ record all file transfer activity with SMF records. SSR Server for CICS™ records all file transfer activity with CICS journal entries.

Checkpoint / Restart

SSR Checkpoint / Restart Server™ provides checkpointing of downloaded files at customer-selected time intervals.
When the host, client or connection fails during the downloading of mission critical data, the transfer may be restarted at the last checkpoint.